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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Every house has a story, each carpet has a history. Our carpet cleaning services make the story with a happy ending in any circumstance. PRO CARPET CALGARY means Perfect Carpet Cleaning.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

In the office, more than anything else, the carpets have a long history ... and this is full of germs. PRO CARPET CALGARY cares for every textile environment to be clean, disinfected, optimally for people who work in closed environments day by day.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Do you have a clean carpet but a stained sofa? Nothing easier. Our work on you can be prolonged because PRO CARPET CALGARY has specific equipment for care of upholstery of any kind.

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Move In/Move Out Carpet Cleaning

Are you moving in or out? Take care of your belongings and leave the carpets in our care. We know how to make it look like new.

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Auto Upholstery Cleaning

Your car's upholstery can be cleaned of stains, dust, residue or hair as easily as you say PRO CARPET CALGARY. Contact us, we take care that any road you drive becomes a pleasure for you!

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Flood Recovery Vacuum

Like it or not, life gives us special moments, good or less good. In critical emergency situations, PRO CARPET CALGARY offers services of vacuuming large amounts of water.

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